The Best Lesson from Tim Simpson

My site's goal is to share golf tips. Teaching golf is one of my favorite things to do. I have taken hundreds of lessons from some of the best teachers.

"Matt, you never stop working on your fundamentals."
Tim Simpson - 4 Time PGA Tour Winner and 1989 PGA Tour's Comeback Player of the Year award

Tim Simpson, a PGA 4 time winner and Professional, as we played 18 holes together told me that when I asked him what he still works on. Being that good, you wonder with the world's best ball striker Tim Simpson would work on hitting balls. Again, he said you never stop working on your fundamentals. During Tim's time on tour, he was considered a top 5 ball striker if not the best in the world and was the Trevino, Ben Hogan or Sergio Garcia of his time. Yes, that included Greg Norman whom he beat head to head to win the USFG Championship in 1989. To this day, I have never heard this said before and that is a sad thing. It was the best lesson I have ever heard, and I have told golfers this story many times. Tim was great and also said "Chris, you know I kept it simple and you can't understand Art Kraft - Tim'slong-time teacher since he was a kid." Art was an amazing teacher and Tim obviously knew what to listen to and then apply it.